PARIS – Place de la contrescarpe

Paris              Piazza del Contrescarpe.
Date               Settembre, september, 九月 2020
Technique      Gouache sur toile –
Dimensions     Dimensioni – Size -九月 – 230 x 200 mm

6 réflexions sur “PARIS – Place de la contrescarpe

  1. I always enjoy my visits here. You have a unique style, and big surprises when you sometimes change it.
    Thank you so much for visiting me, and your lovely comments on my Art Gowns drawings, and my Art Gowns.
    It is difficult to get artists to take me seriously, when all I love to do is beauty in imaginary gowns.
    Thank you for seeing the art in what Ido.
    Warm regards,

    Aimé par 2 personnes

  2. Thank you for your comments that touch me sincerely, the style is a bit the state of mind of the moment and I am sensitive to your discernment between my different approaches; There is a common thread and for the rest you have to let go.
    You have an incomparable style and your creations bring dreams by their magnificence. They are in keeping with the poetry of Jean Cocteau, they dress up great unaffordable ladies, mysterious who evolve in unreal settings.
    You have the talent to take a look at another world and I thank you for that.
    Keep making me dream.
    Warm regard.

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. Grazie mille Marina, i guazzi sono destinati alle illustrazioni di testi anche se è stato scelto un modo disegnato come dipinto; dà più leggerezza.
    Apprezzo che tu seerti le mie pubblicazioni; Soprattutto non c’è bisogno di essere critici.
    Molto amichevole.

    Aimé par 1 personne

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